Summer JEDI

A clean line made from uncompromising materials. We transferred the philosophy of the COLOUR MONKS style into one classic model. This style is guaranteed to be light with minimal details, focusing more on the functionality.


Light BlueLight BlueWhiteWhiteCoralCoralSandSandYellowYellow

We created COLOUR MONKS for the people, who search, who travel, who get inspired, and who share. For those, who live beyond the monochrome shadow and have a constant need for new discoveries. We created this, by searching the riches of the color spectrum, with respects to the details and the natural materials. We believe, that COLOUR MONKS isn’t just a brand, but a challenge, and an appurtenance.

Behind the colour there is a story…

Every story has a prehistory. Ours began a while back. It continues through humanity’s timeline, and doesn’t stop in present day. This story starts with the fight for the Spectrum, in which the Monochrome emerge victorious, and the Polychromes monks become discolored until the moment when the Monochromes days are numbered. This time for good.

Our mission is to retain, spread and discover the secret nature of the Polychromes. Everyone, who wears these clothes, becomes part of the Great COLORiter’s soul.

COLOUR MONKS combines the purity of the silhouette, the luxury of comfortable movement, of the body and the comforting touch of natural materials. Using unforgettable colors and high quality fabrics, we created a couple of visual series, which add to the feeling of belonging to the society of individual, who understand the meaning of concepts like satisfaction, aspiration and humbleness.

COLOUR MONKS silhouettes are made from durable materials, which do not get dirty easily; they soak up water fast and dry faster. With the right amount of care it will serve you for years, without losing its charming qualities.

COLOUR MONKS silhouettes are sewn from a high quality flex. This material offers a soft touch to the skin, and protects from the sun’s UV rays, as well as an excellent absorption of moisture and even faster drying. The flex provides coolness by the body to regulate to its most optimal temperature.

COLOUR MONKS are irreplaceable on the beach, around the pool, on a walk, and in and around the house. They can be worn from dusk ‘till dawn like and ordinary clothing article, as to provide comfort and ease, as well as being worn as an extravagant addition to a nightly summer garment.

COLOUR MONKS is a sign of appurtenance

COLOUR MONKS is a stylish and simple line of clothes for men, women and kids.