Terms of use

Terms of use

  1. Website and website operators
    1. Colour Monks controls the websites (including mobile applications) (“The Website(s)”) in different countries, as to trade with its products in front of clients with the intent of retail sells: colourmonk.com is controlled by „ДЕЛИВЪРИ БС“ EOOD, trade union, registered under the laws of Republic Bulgaria, with a central seat and address of management in Sofia, jk. Manastirski liwadi – West, bull. 100, EИK 102903020, telephone number: +359884623932, е-mаіl: info@colourmonk.com; In this document the term “The Website(s)” means and corresponds to every part of the previously mentioned Website(s) and/or their contents, written for above.
    2. Your legal dealings with the company, which manages the previously visited by You Website and/or The Website, through which your online transactions have been made, unless otherwise noted.
    3. The previously mentioned companies are pointed out еитхер together separately as “Colour Monks”. In case of any confusion, the term “Colour Monks”, “we”, or “us’ refers to the operator of the visited by You Website.


  1. Subject and acceptance of the Terms of use
    1. The access and use of Your side of The Website are subjects of, and are settled by the applicable laws and the provisions of the current Terms of use, including the different politics or other provisions and terms, to whom the current document forwards to and which are publish on The Website, with the corresponding time shifts (“The Terms of use”. Please read through these Terms of use carefully. If you do not agree with them, please do not use our Website. If you continue using our Website, it will be believed that You have agreed to the Terms of use. Before you provide us with your personal information (including e-mail address) through our Website , You will be expressly asked to accept our Terms of use. By accepting our Terms of use, You will be agreeing, to be bound by the Terms of use in the version, currently published on our Website, in the moment of Your visit.
    2. We reserve the rights to make changes at any point, in our Website and in our Terms of use, by publishing them on our Website without any forward notices. Notable changes will be worded additionally in the most suitable manner. Please do not forget to check the Terms of use daily, as Your continued access and use of this Website is considered as a conformation of Your given consent to the Terms of use in the form published on our Website at the time of Your visit.


  1. Cookies

When you visit our Website for the first time, we will expressly let You know, that we use Cookies. With the use of our Website, You accept and agree with the use of our Policies for cookies. We will continue informing you about this every time, that you visit our Website, until you confirm that you understand.


  1. Confidentiality

With the use of our Website it is considered, that You have accepted our Policy of confidentiality. Before you provide us with private information (including e-mail address) through our Website, You will be expressly asked to accept our Policy of confidentiality.


  1. Transactions, made through our Website –Terms of delivery

Transactions for the delivery of products, made through or as a result of Your visits of our Website, are settled by our Terms of delivery. Before completing You order, You will be expressly asked to accept such Terms of delivery.


  1. Access to, and faults of our Website
    1. Our Website will not always be accessible and may sometimes have faults. It is provided based on the policies “whatever it is” and “whatever is available” and to a certain extent, allowed by the law, without boundaries our terms of whatever they may be.
    2. We accept whatever obligations there may be to updating the information, contained on our Website, besides if they are required by the applicable rights. We reserve the rights to modify, redact, delete, stop or reconsider, temporarily or permanently, our Website and/ or the information, materials, products and/or services, presented through it.


  1. Ownership, Trades marks, Copyright and Software
    1. “Clolour Monks” and all other marks, logos and names of services are trades marks of DELIVERY BS EOOD, Bulgaria. The trademarks of DELIVERY BS EOOD, Bulgaria cannot be used in any way that corresponds to any product or service, which are not connected with DELIVERY BS EOOD, Bulgaria or any of their subsidiary companies, unless a preliminary written license has been received, from DELIVERY BS EOOD, Bulgaria or unless otherwise stated by these Terms of use.
    2. Unless otherwise stated, our Website, including all of its contents like the design, the text, the graphics, the logos, the imagery, the audio, the video clips and other materials, connected to it, are protected by the copyright and other applicable laws for intellectual and industrial properties and are the property of DELIVERY BS EOOD, Bulgaria or its subsidiary companies, or the corresponding providers of the contents. DELIVERY BS EOOD, Bulgaria and/or any of their subsidiary companies are owners (or owners of the license) of the whole intellectual and industrial property, and other rights referring to the ownership of our Website. All such similar rights are reserved.
    3. The publishing of Your country on our Website does not constitute as a denial on our part, on any of the rights in conjunction with our Website.
    4. The whole of the software used to on this Website is owned by DELIVERY BS EOOD, Bulgaria and/or any of its subsidiary companies, unless software with an open code is used. The contents, compilations and software are protected by the applicable copyrights laws. Any other such use, including reproduction, modification, spreading, transport, broadcasting, shutting off, demonstrating or showcasing of the contents of this Website, is not allowed without the reception of a written agreement from DELIVERY BS EOOD, Bulgaria.


  1. Use of our Website
    1. We allow you the limited use of our Website for Your personal use. You do not have the right to: (1) recreate, duplicate, copy, sell, broadcast, delete, transfer, distribute or in any other way exploit our Website, including all of its contents, for whatever purpose it may be without the reception of our written agreement: (2) to collect and make any sort of lists with products, details and prices; (3) to carry out imitations of our Website or its contents: (4) to download or copy information with the purpose or interest of economic activities: and/or (5) to use broadcast instruments for data, robots or similar instruments for collecting and broadcasting data.
    2. We can print a sensible amount of copies and we can download outtakes from any one page(s) of our Website. You do not have the right to modify paper or digital copies, which you have printed or downloaded, in any way shape or form, and you cannot use any illustrations, photographs, videos and audio clips or graphics of any sort, outside of the accompanied text.
    3. You do not have the rights to use our Website in inappropriate ways, like the creation or implementation of viruses or other harmful materials, or other technologically harmful materials; you cannot try to gain unauthorized access to our Website, or to attack our Website following the attack for a collapse of our system. The infringement of this provision can be interpreted as a crime and we can signal the corresponding authorities about Your actions, without losing the right to use other legal resources, available to us, for the purpose of restoring the damages.
    4. Access to, or the use of our Website (or information, materials, products and/or services of our Website) can be forbidden by the law in some countries or jurisdictions. You are responsible for the continued adherence to all applicable laws and provisions of the country, from which you access our Website. We do not guaranty in any way, that our Website (or information, materials, products and/or services of our Website) can be or is present for use in any location outside of the Republic of Bulgaria: For colourmonks.com: Republic Bulgaria.
    5. We reserve the right to stop or to permanently end Your access to our Website (or part of it) at any point in time, in particular if we conclude that You are using our Website in a manner of way, which contradicts these Terms of use or in another detrimental way. If you print, copy or download a certain part of our Website and/or use any such copies or parts of our Website In a contradictory manner to these Terms of use, You are obligated, by our choice, to return or destroy all copies of the materials, which have been made, or in case of destruction, you must provide us with evidence of this destruction.
    6. Payment methods – All payments in the site are done in Bulgarian leva! (1) Payment on delivery (Cash on Delivery) . When the goods are received you pay the courier. All deliveries are sent out with the option “open before you pay”. (2) Bank transactions: the payments of the due sum are made via a bank in the indicated by the site bank account. Upon receiving the goods you do not own payment to the courier.
    7. Warranty – All products, offered by colourmonks.com are with a provided warranty. The warranty covers only the factory defects of the products. Any other defects, thath have occured as a result of the daily use or as a result of an unusual use of the product are not covered by the warranty. The possible defects covered by the warranty are delt with free of charge in the othorised workshops. The warranty’s conditions are compliant with the regulations and wants of the CPA (the Consumers Protection Act). When the requirements are met (the goods are not harmed via hit, break or other similar external interference) the firm will fix or provide with new goods. In the case of mistaken goods, the firm replaces the goods with the correct ones.
    8. Delivery – All products are delivered to all points of the territory of the country. The delivery is carried out to a maximum of 3 work days, not included in the case of a pre-order. The site reserves the rights upon occurrence of extraordinary circumstances, or the depletion of stocks, to prolong the delivery period for the goods. The delivery can be received by the person, who made the order by another person at the stated address. If the delivery cannot be delivered upon the first visitation of the courier, a second visitation is carried out after contact has been made with the client. On a secondary visitation, the client is not due additional tax for the delivery. In case of an advanced payment via a bank transaction or debit/credit card.
    9. In case of the product not being delivered, due to a wrong address, the address not being found or the absents of the client, but the payment has been made, the previously paid sum will be refunded in a time limit of 40 work days. Expenses covering the courier’s services will be withheld.
    10. Refusal of the order – The user has the right to return the order within 30 days, from the date of its reception. For this purpose the object of the deal must be in its original package, without signs of usage or violations of the trade appearance of the product, in accordance with article 55 from the CPA. The product must be returned to the address of the firm, with an attached evidence of its purchase attached to it (receipt, delivery note, quittance from the courier). After a review from the seller to a maximum of 14 work days the paid sum will be refunded or within 7 work days the product will be replaced. Upon a discrepancy with the terms has been found, the product is promptly returned to the customer, who covers all of the courier’s expenses. The user has the right to refuse the delivery claimed by him purchased goods, upon adhering to the laws / the Law on Obligations and Contracts, the Consumers Protection Act/.
    11. Price of the order- the Final price of the order is calculated by the sum if the price of the ordered goods. All the prices have already included VAT and are not subject to change from the time of the order to the time of the payment. colourmonks.com has the right to change the price announced on the site without a forward notice to the users. In case technical error while publishing its prices; www.colourmonks.com has the right to refuse orders and does not own compensation to the user. www.colourmonks is obliged to refund the sum, if it has been paid in advance.
    12. In case of a dispute, which cannot be solved with the chosen online store, you can use the ORS site. All the products in the page are liable to actualization. The information in the pages can be changed at any time; the changes do not have to be announced in the page.


  1. Registration
    1. Registration in our Website can be done only after a purchase of our product. To proceed with the registration process, You must fill out the respective registration form of Colour Monks.
    2. You may be required to provide us or You may be provided the data for identification of the user, required by our safety procedure, required for you to visit restricted parts of our Website. Access to these restricted parts are provided only if and when – if you are, in the database of registered users, at least 18 years of age – you have guaranteed that all the data provided by You, are true, exact, current and complete – you inform us without delay about every change in your personal data via e-mail.
    3. All personal information you provide us with, through email when you register or complete a purchase will be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Law of personal data protection. Every other message or material you send to the website or via e-mail: questions, comments, suggestions and other such messages will be considered non-confidential. Through our website colourmonks.com will gather, process and store only the private information that is necessary to make contact with you or to complete a delivery of ordered goods. This is the data, which you provide us with, willingly.
    4. If for some reason we have concluded, that you have not respected our Terms of use, we will inform You to correct this discrepancy. If you do not correct it, so as to not respect our agreements, we will end Your registration.


  1. Materials provided by You
    1. We can provide the user of our Website the opportunity to publish contents or comments, or provide materials for publishing by other means on our Website. In that case we do not check, approve of, confirm, support, sanction or encourage the publication of such contents, comments or materials, and we do not have a responsibility to research, observe or check the validity, thoroughness or its compliance with the applicable laws.
    2. If You publish contents or comments, or provide other such material for publication in any part of our Website, including photographs: You give us all-inclusive, non-stop (or if the constant license is not allowed by the applicable rights, the license for the maximum term, allowed by the applicable rights), free of charge, world-wide (without territorial restraints) license of use, (and to allow sublicense use, recreation, publishing, broadcasting, deletion and sharing) of such contents, comments and materials in any form (including paper or electronic) for the purpose of using our Website, for the advertising of us, our Website and of our products and services; You guarantee, that no part of such similar contents, comments or material, will not be illegal, threatening, slanderous, obscene, pornographic or amoral, or can contain or encourage behavior, which can be considered criminal or law-breaking and You cannot publish any materials which deliberately aimed at disturbing other users; You will not receive a reward for any contents, comments or material published or offered for post; You guarantee, that any such contents, comments or materials are Your original works and/or that You have their copyright and every other applicable rights, or you have received such rights; if the materials are photographs or graphics, You have to of have made the photograph(s) or to have created the graphic material on your own, or to of have received permission, or to be authorized in another way by the owner of the photograph(s) and/or the graphic material and you have to have received the permission of all of the persons, depicted in them, when such persons can be identified; we can publish Your name coupled with whatever photographs or graphic materials, provided by You, but we have rights to redact or delete any comments you have submitted.
    3. We reserve the rights to decline, stop, end, or by other means to remove any published by you contents, comments or materials, including photographs or graphic materials, published or provided by You; this right does not need to be interpreted as a verification or approval on our side or reliability for such contents, comments or other materials, not depending on, if we use such rights or not. We, despite of that, reserve the right to do add-ons or to delete text or graphics (including to redact all photographs or graphic materials) for the purpose of advertising ourselves, our Website and our products and services or with the purpose of protecting our interests and the interests of the manager of the capital, of the company, managed by us or by our capital manager, of our or their employees, business partners, users or other tertiary sides; if we make any such add-ons or corrections, we are responsible for any such add-ons or deletion and for texts or graphics in the format, changed by us.
    4. You agree to us not taking any obligations, wants, loses or damages and claims of any third sides, which we may suffer as a result of publishing whatever contents, comments or material, published or provided by You.


  1. Races, games, contests, lots for free prices

We can promote and host contest, games, races or lots for free prices on our Website. For such contests, games, races or lots for free prices, special rules will be applied. Please read through the rules, applicable for every race, game, contest or lot for free prices, in which you take part in, which when You take part in from Your side of such contest, games, races, or lots for free prices will be considered, that You have accepted and are bound by such rules.


  1. Websites of Third Parties

Our website can contain links to websites; manage by third parties (“Websites of Third Parties”). These links are intended to provide only additional information Included on our Website on a provided link to a Websites of Third Parties, this does not mean that we check , confirm or take responsibility for this Website of a Third Party for correctness, thoroughness or accordance with the applicable rights. We do not take responsibility for any damages or loses, suffered as a result of Your usage or trustfulness towards such Websites of Third Parties. You use all manner of Websites of Third Parties at Your own peril. All joined terms and policies od Websites of Third Parties , which you visit, will be applied in accordance to You, until you are in these websites, and we advise You to get well acquainted with such common rules.


  1. Hyperlinks to our Website

13.1. You can create Hyperlinks to our Website from other websites or documents, without our expressive written permission in accordance with the terms, mentioned in this section (Hyperlinks to our Website).

13.2. Some similar hyperlinks cannot create framework or any sort of browser or bordering environment, around the contents of our Website, it must not imply that we support you products or services, or any sort of products or services of, or present through the website, to which you have put a link on our Website, you must not show or depict any sort of trademark(s), used in our website, without our permission or without the permission of the owner of any such trademark, you must not post a website, which has contents, that are illegal, threatening, slanderous, obscene, pornographic or amoral, or can contain or encourages behavior that can be seen as criminal or breaking a certain law, or by personal interpretation of Colour Monks is harmful or can be harmful to our interests or the reputation of Colour Monks or of the traders, with whom we work (or ours, or others products and/or services) or to not represent us, our capital manager, the companies, controlled by us or by our capital manager or traders, whit whom we work (or their products and/or services) in a wrongful, misleading, in a manner that is degrading to their prestige or in other offensive ways.

13.3. You are responsible for the website, to which you post a link to on our Website, and to any and all statements provided or interpreted in conjunction with us or our Website.

13.4. You are responsible for the bringing about of knowledge regarding the current Website of the active users, which get access to our Website through Your link. Every person, connecting to our Website through Your link, is to be bound by these Terms of use.

13.5. We reserve the rights to require at any time, at our own assessment and at whatever time the removal of any such links, leading to our Website from other websites or documents, which have been created. In this case, DELIVERY BC EOOD, Bulgaria or another of its subsidiary companies, managing the Website, will send you a notification for removal through you e-mail address, provided through you through Your website. Within 3 days of receiving the notification Colour Monks, will follow Your removal of this link and will not include the link to this or other Websites of Colour Monk of Your website or websites of other people connected to You.


  1. Exclusions and restrictions of our responsibility

14.1. In the terms of this section we in our personal quality and on behalf of our capital manager, companies, managed by us or our capital manager, exclude any and all responsibility (including if it is based on a contract or on some other bases), that have come up as a result of the access or use of our Website or any given website, with whom it may be connected, to a degree allowed by the applicable rights. This exclusion refers to but is not limited to loses of data, damages caused by attacks, connected with a collapse of the service, any viruses or other technologically damaging material, loses of income or profits, or expected savings or loses, that have emerged from the circumstances, that are out of our logical control , and loses, that are to logically predictable.

14.2. We are not trying (and nothing in these Terms of use can be considered as an experience) to exclude or to limit the responsibility and every such exclusion or limitation of our responsibility is not does not apply to the following circumstances, loss or damages, caused of our fraud, а knowing deliberately violation or a deliberate damaging of the responsibility , which in accordance to the applicable laws for protection of the user or for responsibility of the products cannot excluded (however these laws may be named) any other type of responsibility, which cannot be excluded or limited by the applicable rights.


  1. You responsibility and obligation for compensation

You agree that you take full responsibility before of us and before any connected to use persons for damages and loses, connected or as a result of Your violations of these Terms of use and agree to compensate and protect from responsibility us and connected to us persons, against any claims or wants of third sides, connected or emerging from Your violation of our Terms of use.


  1. Contacts, Written notices, Notifications, Questions or Complaints

16.1. We can contact You through post, e-mail or to provide You with information through its publishing on our Website.

16.2. All notices, sent from You to us, have to be through post or e-mail to (1) our Customer Service Department or (2) an operator of the Website.

16.3. We can send You individual notifications through e-mail, or to a postal address, which you have provided us with, or in case of an all customers notification, the information will be published on our Website in an appropriate manner.

16.4. To prove the fact of any sort of provided information, it will be enough for you to proof (1) in case of a letter, that such a letter contains the correct address, there are marks placed upon it and it is sent via a postal service (2) in case of an e-mail, that this e-mail has been sent to the senders e-mail address, and (3) in case of a published information on our Website, that this information, that this information has been provided in an appropriate manner, when the contents of the information have been taken into account.

16.5. The applicable laws require part of the communication, which we sent, to be in a written format. When you use our Website, You accept that communication with us will be mostly in an electronic code. For contract purposes You agree to this to these electronic devices for communication and confirm that every contract, notification, information and other communication that You have provided us with through an electronic device, are consistent with the required by the law written format, unless the applicable right does not use such a conformation. We and You furthermore agree to accept in our relationships communications in a written format with a provided written signature (1) the validity of the electronic signature in conjunction with the applicable laws and (2) any sort of information in an electronic format, added or logically connected with electronic statements of use for its authorship, including rules and terms, some products, services of Colour Monks or all other question, please contact us with the number: +359884623932 or sent a letter to an operator of the Website at e-mail: info@colourmonks.com


  1. Other

17.1. The transfer of rights and obligations: Rights and obligations, ensuing from our management and Your access and use of our Website, bound You and us, and our heirs and successors. Except if something else is required by the applicable rights, You cannot remove, assign or in some other way to free yourself from any rights or obligations and more accurately any obligatory payments, without our express prior written agreement. We can at any time remove, assignor in some other way to order the management of the Website or parts of it, in which case we do not free ourselves from the obligations for implementation of obligations to You, and the side from which such relationships are transfer, intervenes as a debtor.

17.2. Denial of rights: Denial of rights from our side in conjunction with these Terms of use will not be valid, unless if it is not specifically stated as a denial of rights and you are informed about this in a written format.

17.3. Division of a clause: If a given court or a competent authority decides, which of the managers of these Terms of use are void, invalid, or inapplicable to the corresponding right, such provisions should be changed and interpreted in such a way, as to best accomplish the goals of the original provision to its greatest extent, allowed by the law. The other provisions are left in full force and action.

17.4. The integrity of the contract: These Terms of use contain all arrangements between You and us regarding the use of our Website. Guarantees or statements, oral or written, which are not contained in the current Terms of use, will not be binding to neither You, nor to us, unless this is mutually agreed upon in a written form between us and You.


  1. Complaints (including copyright complaints) directed the provision of customer contents.

In case we provide the users of our Website the opportunity to publish contents or comments, or by other ways to provide materials for publishing in different parts of our Website, we can research the contents in every comment or to review the different parts posted on our Website. We act on the bases on the so called “notification and removal” method. If we decide that the provided comment or review, shown on our Website, contains offensive requests, contains a violation of the copyright laws or a violation of other rights, please contact us this number: ++359884623932 or on our e-mail: info@colourmonks.com


  1. Out-of-court complaints and legal protection

In some countries You have the opportunity to provide an extrajudicial complaint a right of protection, to which Clolour Monks is a subject to. We have the following opportunities: In the Republic of Bulgaria: The comity for user protection, with a domicile on Slaveikov sqr. № 4А, 3rd fl., Sofia, website: https://www.kzp.bg/


  1. Applicable laws and jurisdiction

These Terms of use any questions that emerge or are connected with these Terms of this Website, including the contents that are subject to the law of the state. The courts of the same country have exclusive judicial and can resolve any disputes that may arise from or in connection with the Terms of use or the use of our Website