Linen Changing Robe for Kids – DANDELION MONKEY

Let your child feel free like a dandelion in the wind with this linen changing robe.

Dandelion Monk(ey) is not simply a garment, it’s a promise of a time well spent. Just like a dandelion is not just a flower, but a promise of a wish come true. Close your eyes and make a wish. Because when it comes to dreams, the sky is the limit.

Size guide

XXS size dimensions:
Length from hood to end of sleeve 21 cm (8,3’)
Chest all around 70 cm (27,5’)
Length from shoulder to hemline 56 cm (22’)

XS size dimensions:
Length from hood to end of sleeve 24 cm (9,4’)
Chest all around 88 cm (34,6’)
Length from shoulder to hemline 72 cm (28,3’)

*The sizes can vary with 1,5 cm due to the post- washing shrinking of material but thanks to your hang loose design it will still fit you perfectly.


This product is made of 100% soft, organic, pre-washed 180 grams/cm linen.

Our products are hand-crafted out of natural materials to give you comfort and to make you feel closer to the nature. We stand only for natural fabrics and materials. 99% of the materials including etiquettes, are made of natural products (except for the threads) and we aim to get to 100% soon.

  • Best microclimate for your skin – permeable to air, absorbs moisture and protects the skin from UV rays
  • Antiallergic
  • The garment is prewashed
  • It becomes softer with each wash
  • The fabric is resistant to static electricity
  • Very durable and tear resistant

Product features

Made of soft, organic, pre-washed linen in a unisex hang loose design in order to give your little angel full comfort in his movements. Easy to wear.

  • Short sleeves
  • Diamond pocket
  • One-layered lighter hoody
  • Lightweight laces
  • Open V-neck
  • Two side slits, supporting better ventilation and free movement, keeping the garment from damage

Care with love

Delicate machine wash up to 40°C
Do not bleach!
You can dry clean it.
Do not tumble dry!

Wrinkles are part of linen’s charm and you don’t need an iron to look great.

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Linen Changing Robe for Kids – DANDELION MONKEY

Let your child play and run free with their favorite Linen Changing Robe for Kids Dandelion Monk(ey).

This beach poncho is made of a soft linen material which is gentle on the skin. The fabric of the linen changing robe acts as a natural barrier against UV light so you can be sure your child is protected while in nature. The beach poncho is really easy to put on and take off. It will soon become one of the favorite clothing items in your child’s wardrobe. The robe has two side slits and short sleeves which allow a wide range of motion. The loose design increases the airflow throughout the linen poncho. The fabric of the robe is soft and light and has antiallergic properties

Linen Changing Robe for Kids – DANDELION MONKEY is ideal for:

  • Drying off after swimming
  • Camping
  • Vacationing
  • Playing and running
  • A family weekend at the spa
  • Chilling on the beach
  • Cruising
  • Vacationing
  • Relaxing at the hotel

The Linen Changing Robe for Kids – DANDELION MONKEY is made from deadstock fabric. It is a more sustainable choice compared to store-bought items. The bright sunshine yellow color of the Monk robe is cheerful, playful, and joyous. Just like a carefree child on summer break. The linen poncho towel is equipped with a pocket so your kid can keep their favorite possessions near them.

Kid Style & fit

Our favorite model is made with care and love for our little COLOUR MONK(ey)S. We designed the item as simple as possible to make children fill free in their games.

Inspired by the kid’s laughter that transforms each worry into a pure and unconstrained moment of joy. There’s no other energy as pure as the one that comes from a happy child running on the pebble sand at the beach and laughing at the waves as they break on the shore. The kind of energy that reminds us what we should never lose – the free spirit, the passion for exploration, and the fascination with the cheerful blarney-colored valleys, promising yellow dandelions, uplifting tender violets, and teaberry ice cream.

Dare to wear anywhere

It is simple – let the little ones play and make them feel comfort, protected by durable clothes made of natural qualitative products. Your children deserve the best!

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