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Inspired by those who are constantly searching, exploring, travelling, those who find and share passion everywhere, live outside the shadows and move towards the exploration of the full spectrum. It is the colorful escape from the greyness of the modern life.

We designed our products for those who don’t want to follow trends but to set them, for people with strong individuality, style, searching for freedom, comfort and craftsmanship.

Colour Monk is not a piece of clothing, it is an experience just like your favorite playlist and your adventure companion, but also a challenge and an opportunity to be a part of the colorful community of free curious and open-minded people being in love with nature, summer and freedom.

All of this you can find in our hand-made, natural products that you will love and share special moments with.

Made of soft, organic, pre-washed linen

as one of the most expensive and sought after of the plant-based fabrics due to its many great qualities.

Unisex hang loose design

helps you feel colorful and free regardless of your gender.

One size fits all concept

With only six different sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL we can dress up from a small kid to a two meters tall men.

Two pairs of big outer pockets

on each side where you can keep safe all your belongings on the beach. Cargo pockets accessible from the top and another one from the side. *


Each pocket is hiding a holder lace where you can clip your keys or everything you want to keep safe *

Phone Pocket

One inner phone- sized pocket with velcro strips pocket lid and small hidden hole where you can run your cable ear-phones *


in a stylish recyclable cardboard box making it the ideal gift for your beloved ones.
* applicable for Pope and Shaman models only



A stylish two-coloured design which is made heavier and more representative. It can be easily combined with nice colourful sneakers, scarf of simple jewellery.
  • Long folding sleeves with colored cuff and special button to fix it are good for summer breezy evenings at the beach bar or colder windy days. Still not recommended to be worn below 16 ̊ C
  • Two-sided hoody in different inner and outer colour
  • Thick cotton laces with leather ends
  • Three slits, supporting the free movement and better ventilation. With the shorter models they are great feature to highlight your beautiful legs


Still stylish but much lighter one coloured design for hot summer days when everything you need is light cover to protect you from the sun. 100% linen fabric is perfect for this. It gives you sense of freedom and individuality
  • Short sleeves that brings air to your body
  • Open V-neckline that helps you breathe easily
  • One-sided lighter hoody
  • Light laces which look damn good
  • Three slits, supporting the free movement and better ventilation. With the shorter models they are great feature to highlight your beautiful legs


Simple design made for kids up to 6 years old and 1.2m height. For taller ones please choose between Pope and Shaman designs.
  • Short sleeves
  • Diamond pocket
  • One-sided lighter hoody
  • Lighter laces
  • Open V-neck
  • Just one rear slit, supporting enough the free movement and better ventilation, but still keeping garment more durable

Suitable for any summer adventure

  • Any kind of surfing- wind, kite, wave
  • Wakeboarding
  • Paddle boarding
  • Canoe/Kayak
  • Yachting/Cruising
  • Camping/Glamping
  • Chilling at the beach
  • Having a drink in the beach bar
  • For the next beach party
  • Yoga
  • Art people
  • Cross fit
  • Music festivals
  • Summer mountaineers
  • Spa hotels




Appearing to be some of the oldest in the world linen textile is one of the strongest natural fibers. Treated well it can be durable for several decades.

Absorbent / Fast drying

Linen is very absorbent. It can hold up to 20% water. It also dries out and evaporates moisture very quickly, so that you can be comfortable in all your adventures.


Linen is famous for its antibacterial properties. Because of the natural flax, there are no allergic reactions using linen and hence it is helpful in treating a number of allergic disorders. Its ability to wick moisture and dry out much faster than cotton doesn’t let bacteria build up.

Natural UV protection

Linen UPF factor is up to 30 which is one of the highest from the natural fabrics after wool.


Our project is committed to design complete product life cycle in order to minimize waste and over-production. We go as far as designing and producing even the labels out of natural linen.



Dare to wear anywhere

Dare to wear anywhere

Dare to wear anywhere

Dare to wear anywhere

Dare to wear anywhere

Dare to wear anywhere

Dare to wear anywhere

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