“Summer time is officially and unofficially over in our latitude but it is still silently hiding inside my heart.”- This is what Alex from the Wild-berries wrote to us a few days ago, when she sent us those amazing photos. We liked them so much, that they inspired us to prepare this post.

“All the memories spent on Lemnos island are finding their way in my head and cheering me up. When I was there, I experienced hot and cold, winds and their absence, burning sun and dense clouds, drought, and rainfall, like every other aspect of life – constant change.”

This is the reason why we are so committed to the Colourmonk project, making new friends while spreading around or sharing the way we would like to see the world.

“While I was enjoying every minute spent there I was always having my new friend, the purple “pope” monk with me. No matter if I was hiding from the sun while wandering around the sand dunes or covering my frozen body after a 2-3 hours surf session in the water, it was there for me – hugging me. It turned out to be a very appropriate and cool beach wear on the island, where the sun and the wind are in constant interaction. And how not to spend a few minutes static at the beach staring beyond the horizon and being grateful.”

But that is not all, ColourMonk has many other hidden features that you are gonna like … So check them out in our products page. We love the kind words and that keeps us going!

Wild-berries is a female society for extreme sports enthusiasts and active lifestyle. We share the same values, and we are proud that they are giving us positive feedback.

Alex is wearing our Purple-rain Pope model and she looks astonishing!

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